Peter Taylor is part of the Now Teach 2019 Cohort 

I spent over 20 years in private equity with Duke Street, a private equity firm which I co-founded. I focussed mainly on our investments in leading consumer brands such as Simple and wagamama. Following the successful sale of wagamama in 2018 I passed the baton to the next generation (not before time, they told me) and took the leap into teaching business at a fantastic school in a deprived area of inner London.

Our school runs an excellent careers programme, but like most schools they need help from local employers to bring it all to life for the kids. I asked a number of my former business contacts if they could send some of their bright young people down to our school careers event - I was blown away by the response. These bright young professionals were literally competing for a slot to come and be part of our event. For them this was an exciting and slightly scary personal development opportunity.

Our kids loved the opportunity to meet real people, only a few years older than themselves, pursuing aspirational careers just a short walk from our school. This helps our kids appreciate and believe that these careers are attainable for those who work hard, regardless of background. This is a large part of the reason why I wanted to move into teaching - to help build this sense of aspiration and belief.