Imagine you have a training place for September and have successfully joined Now Teach... What do you do until you start training? We’re glad you asked.

Our career change advisors host events for Now Teachers who have been accepted for the training year ahead. You’ll be introduced to your fellow career changers, giving you plenty of time to immerse yourself in the Now Teach Network before training begins.

96% of attendees agreed that these sessions helped them to start to feel connected to the Now Teach Network. 


“Being a part of the Now Teach Network has shown me there are so many people out there like me – taking the brave decision to start again. It’s great to have such a strong sense of community and get tips from Now Teachers that have done it all before us.” 

- Sameera Asad Cooper, Chemistry Teacher 

Our first 2022 Network event saw former Financial Times columnist and Now Teach co-founder, Lucy Kellaway, and ex-Financial Director and Now Teach veteran, Phong Dinh give insight into their teaching experiences. Each event will have guest speakers to inform and inspire you. 

Lucy and Phong both shared some brilliant anecdotes from their teaching careers thus far and explained why your previous career experience counts, now more than ever. 

This year’s trainees came bursting with questions, our favourite being: “How do you handle family and friends thinking you’re mad for making the decision to become a teacher?” 

Lucy was quick to offer advice on this, explaining that in the initial stages of her transition she chose to only see people who were supportive of her decision. Once she’d proved to herself that she was comfortable and thriving, she opened up to other connections.

Phong added that those who initially doubted his career change seemed jealous once he began teaching: “Many commented on how fulfilled and happy I seemed. I believe and know I'm making a significant impact on lives that need it, and this is key to my career satisfaction.”

During these events, you’ll also be put into smaller groups, so everyone has the chance to meet one another. You’ll likely chat about how your career transition is going, what you're most looking forward to, and share resources you’ve found useful so far.

Afterwards, you’ll be added to a WhatsApp chat with fellow trainee teachers from your training year and be invited to an in-person event with Now Teachers from previous training years.

As summer approaches, our career change advisors will then introduce you to your personal programme manager who will be with you on the next steps of your journey. You’ll also be invited to our annual Now Teach conference (in-person). The food and drink alone are worth attending for... let alone the scintillating company! 

But to return to today – right now there is a national shortage of teachers, and you could make a difference to the education of young people.  

So, if you’re still considering teaching let us help you take your passion into the classroom. Express your interest and we’ll give you a call. 


You can also join us for our final public event of the year and hear directly from Now Teachers about their career change and teaching experiences so far.